Jet 180515 Volt 5T Variable Speed Electric Hoist 1PH/3PH 230V 15' Lift

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• Full-Range Speed Control - patented technology allows for smooth, seamless, continuous speed changes allowing for complete control throughout the lift
• True variable-speed control allows you to lift and lower faster when you need the speed, but be able to slow down the speed when you need the control
• With Full-Range Speed Control, the VOLT’s minimum speed allows the user to slowly inch the load down for a soft stop
• Soft starts and stops also increase the life of gear train components, load chain, hooks and brake components
• H4 Duty Rating means the VOLT is engineered for demanding, industrial environments and the toughest applications
• Overload Protection - Standard across the VOLT line, Overload Protection prevents the operator from being able to lift more than the rated capacity of the hoist, protecting both the user and the equipment
• Thermal Overload Protection - Protects the motor from overheating in low voltage situations, protecting your investment

• Headroom (In.): 26-3/16
• Lift (Ft.): 15
• Number of Falls: 2
• Motor Power (HP): 4
• Lifting Speed (FPM): 0 - 12
• Duty Cycle (%): 40
• Loa(more...)

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