Jet 376202 JLH-100WO-15 1T Lever Hoist 15' Lift, Overload Protection

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• Safety
• Patented fused brake design with proven durability with a lifetime warranty
• Slip clutch design overload protection prevents lifting or pulling damaging loads
• Weston Style, double pawl brake design splits the load to opposite sides of the ratchet gear for greater load security
• Improved free chaining to quickly take up and position slack chain and not accidently free chain under load.
• Patented handle design allows for extra clearance between the operator's hand and load chain
• Enhanced ergonomic grip allows for greater operator control and increased comfort
• Industrial rated alloy steel hooks rotate 360 degrees for easy rigging
• Hooks slowly stretch to indicate an overload situation increasing jobsite safety
• Durability

• Number of Falls: 1
• Lift per Turn (In.): 1-1/8
• Load Capacity (Tons): 1
• Load Chain Dimensions (Mm.): 5.6 x 15.7
• Lever Pull Force (LBF): 79
• Weight (Lbs.): 17-1/2
• Ship Yard Hooks: SV_1375591258806
• Lift (Ft.): 15
• Headroom (In.): 11-4/5
• Handle Length (In.): 9-5/8
• Load Capacity (Metric Tons): 1
• Overload Protection: Yes
• Hook Throat Opening (In.): 1-1/7
• Overall Width (In.): 5-2/3

JET® JLH Series Lever Hoists incorporate safety, durability, and heavy duty construction for operation in severe industrial environments. Safety comes standard with features such as overload protection, which prevents the lever hoist from lifting or pulling damaging loads beyond its rated capacity. The JET® JLH Series is available in ¼ ton to 9 ton capacities, with standard lifts of 5, 10, 15, and 20 feet (custom lifts available). Whether it’s inverted, vertical, horizontal, or any other load angle, the JET® JLH lever hoist is the solution for your heavy-duty industrial needs.

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