Jet 418492 Starrett 1/2 x .025 x 6-10 TPI Intenss Pro-Die for VBS-2012, 2 Pack

Sale price$147.53


• Triple tempered M-42 cobalt high speed steel teeth combined with a fatigue resistant alloy steel backing strip.
• Longevity and chip clearing advantages of bi-metal unique® saw technology.
• Available in a variety of tooth pitches up to a maximum width of 1/2".
• Ideal for contour and general purpose cutting.
• Resists heat, abrasion and shock, allowing faster cutting rates
• Horizontal and vertical machines.
• Ideal for tool, die and mold steels, stainless steels and nickel based and non-ferrous alloys.

Intenss PRO-DIE band saw blades have bi-metal unique saw technology, triple tempered M-42 cobalt HSS teeth combined with alloy steel backing strip for heat, abrasion and shock resistance, longevity and chip clearing. Ideal for tool, die and mold steels, stainless and nickel based and non-ferrous alloys

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