Jet 577117 Buffing Compound Set

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• Polishing and Buffing compound to complement both the Jet Variable Speed Buffer and Jet Grinders with Multitool Attachment
• Set Includes:
• No. 11 TRIPOLI BROWN ROUGE for buffing Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Plastics, Hard Rubber, Wood, Painted Surface, Horn
• No. 31 WHITE ROUGE for buffing Stainless Stelle, Chromium Ware, Iron, Steel, Nickel, Aluminum to a bright shiny luster
• No. 51 RED ROUGE for buffing Gold, Silver, Sterling, Platinum, and other precioius metals.
• No. 71 EMERY CAKE (BLACK) Use to remove Rust, Stains, Carbon, Scale and sooty deposits. Contains every abrasive, making it a shart fast cutting compound.

Enhance shop operations and versatility with a wide range of quality accessories from JET.

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