Jet 1791212 Helical Head Inserts (10)

Sale price$99.99


• (10) Cutter Inserts

• Spiraled Stagger Tooth To Break Up Chips For Dust Collection
• Helix To Assist The Chip Flow
• Shear To Give Clean Cutting Action
• Shear On Each Knife For True Helical Cut
• Clearance Between Knives For Chip Flow
• Inexpensive 4 Sided Replaceable Carbide
• Unbelievably Quiet

• Type: Cutter Inserts
• For: Shelix Heads

These Inserts For The Shelix Heads Are Easy To Replace And Easy To Adjust. They Feature Four Identical Cutting Edges And Are Made Of Solid High-Grade Carbide. These Inserts Are Made To Fit Perfectly Inside The Shelix Heads And Require Only The Loosening Of A Screw For Rotating The Insert Cutters.

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