Jet 660210 23 Piece Turning Tool Kit For ZX Lathes

Sale price$315.00


• 4 Hex Keys
• 1/2" x9" Double end boring bar
• 5/8"x10" Double end boring bar
• 3/4"x12" Double end boring bar
• Parting tool holder
• Adjustable turning tool holder
• Knurling tool with three pairs of knurls
• MT4 half dead center
• MT4 carbide tipped dead center
• MT4 heavy duty live center
• MT5x MT4 adapter sleeve
• 2pcs. 3/16" x 2" square tool bits
• 4pcs. 1/4" x 3" square tool bits
• 1pc. 1/2" x 3" square tool bit
• 1pc. 3/8" 2-1/2" square tool bit
• 1pc. cutoff blade

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